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Local Interest: A Photographer’s Guide to Ohio by Ian Adams

Photo Credit: Ian Adams Last Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch featured an inspiring article by travel writer Steve Stephens entitled “Ticket to Write | Steve Stephens commentary: Book looks at Ohio with pro’s lens”.  Stephens highly recommends a recent book release by architectural and landscaper photographer Ian Adams entitled A Photographer’s Guide to Ohio.  The book is […]

Featured Article: Lewis Hine recently ran an article about Lewis Hine, an American photographer whose work inspired social reform.  The article examines his photographs of child labor in Burlington, VT in the early 20th century.  Hine later traced the lives of these children, further exposing the suffering and sometimes grave outcome that this lost generation of children endured.  […]

Camera Obscura

This month’s National Geographic Magazine features an article by Tom O’Neill about Abelardo Morell, an artist/photographer specializing in the Camera Obscura technique.  This article is well worth viewing for its beautiful examples of the artist’s work, not to mention a video describing how to turn a room in your house into an inverted landscape… that […]

Did you see the great NYT article this weekend on photography?

The New York Times Magazine had a nice article by A. O. Scott this past weekend called ‘Capturing a Single Moment of Perfect Stillness: Amid a blizzard of digital images, what is the worth of one photograph?’.  We hope that by reading it, you’ll consider the impact that democratization of photography is having on a […]

CCG turns 30 and launches a new website!

We are pleased to announce that this summer marks our 30th year in business, and to celebrate we have redesigned our website to better integrate our customers with the main facets of our business.  The main features of our new site are: Selling and trading your equipment – Simply fill out the easy-to-use form to […]