Columbus Camera Group Rental Policies


Rental of equipment is subject to Columbus Camera Group approval.  Damage to or loss is the full responsibility of the renter.  There will be no reimbursement for items returned earlier than the scheduled return date.

Payment, Rates and Deposits 

Payment is required by credit card to reserve a rental.  All rentals are subject to tax.  A rental agreement must be signed upon pickup.  A valid driver's license, credit card, address and phone number are required for this form.  Rates per day and weekend are the same, unless otherwise indicated.  A weekend rate is defined as Friday through Monday.  New renters are required to pay a one-time deposit of 20% of the equipment value, in addition to the rental fee.  The deposit must be on a credit card, and will be credit back to your account when the equipment is returned.  Please keep in mind that refunded deposits may take a few days to reappear in your account.

Pickups, Returns and Reservations

Rentals may only be picked up after noon, and must be returned by noon on the date due.  Rentals may be reserved up to one week in advance, and payment (rental fee and deposit, if applicable) will be taken in full at the time of reservation.  Rentals may be cancelled for a refund up to 24 hours in advance.


Our rental equipment is generally not available for sale.  A rental price may be applied toward the purchase of the same item, if it is for sale in our store, new or used.  The payment may only be applied within one week of the return date of the item.  This privilege is the sole discretion of Columbus Camera Group.

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